Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pizza Hut: Taste The World

Pizza Hut and Q8BlackMarket seems to be in love since this is their second give away promotion they gave us to try. The promotion this time was for five new flavors of pizza, each flavor represent a country of the world. They have American, French, Italian, Mexican and Indian flavored pizza.

The American "Mega Pepperoni" was delicious since it has Pizza Hut's yummy cheese and lots of pepperoni. Our rate for this pizza is 8.5/10

The French "Creamy Chicken Mushroom Pizza" has a special taste, the sauce inside was kinda like the sauce that we use for a pasta ( white sauce ) which is extremely amazing specially with the large piece of mushroom and chicken on the top. Final rate was 9/10 for the unique taste.

The Italian "Four Cheese Pizza" was my best pizza of all the five pizzas since it's filled with three kinds of cheese. My rate will be 10/10 since it was the first pizza to be finished.

The Mexican "Chicken Chipotle Pizza" also grapped our attention for its new taste, we thought that it will be spicy hot but it was not hour hot at all and for those who love tomato this might be your favorite pizza. Our rate is 8/10

The Indian flavor "Chicken Tikka Pizza" was spicy and we didn't enjoy it as much as the previous flavors. Our rate will be 4/10

Overall, we enjoyed the five flavors and would like to thank Pizza Hut for giving us the opportunity to try them all. The price of each pizza is 2.750KD

Give them a try and share your own rates for each flavor as a comment.

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