Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bu Faisal vs Bu Faisal ?

As you can notice that P0ach and BananaQ8 already posted about the competition between Gulf Bank and NBK, and how the two of them used the same character for their campaign which is Bu Faisal.

Regarding this competition, we received the following :

"Guys did you notice NBK’s new ads this week? Did it remind yo
u of another bank’s campaign only last month? No? Does the name Gulf Bank trigger anything? Ok, well if you’ve been locked up somewhere for the past months, let me update you on life. Not really, but bear with me. Here’s the story, last month there were a few billboards, ads, etc. with pictures of “Gulf Bank clients” saying how Gulf Bank helped them, and how there lives are now fulfilled, and their dreams came true. Thank you violins, you can stop now. Now going back to our story. NBK was apparently ‘ouched’ and they acted fast. (A little too fast, I might say.) And so, NBK has new ads with pictures, also of fulfilled, happy “Gulf Bank clients”. Is it a ‘copy-cat’ case, or a ‘my daddy is bigger than your daddy’ war? Anyways, while the big boys take it outside, like good boys do. Let’s decide on whom we prefer, Gulf Bank’s immaculate Bu Faisal, or NBK’s ‘too real for my taste’ Bu Faisal?"

So what do you think of that ?

I wonder if KFH will do the same too, I smell banks fight.

Update: When I was at the Avenues Mall I passed by the NBK ATM machine and saw that NBK wasn't copying from Gulf Bank, NBK are using different names for their campaign not just Bu Faisal.

A reader "QtK" also wrote a comment about the same thing, so it seems like Bu Faisal and Bu Faisal wasn't a copy-cat case after all.

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