Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ToughTech Brings The World's Toughest Phone

ToughTech (The official supplier/distributor) is giving you the opportunity to have the toughest phone that have ever been built and it's called Sonim Spirit. Sonim Technologies developed their handsets to have the basic phone functions plus some extras:

-Works on a 3G network.
-A 3.2mp camera (with flash) + video recording.
-Location based applications.
-Torch light.
-E-mail, MMS and Internet functionality.
-Bluetooth 2.0
-Recognition of MP3 formats.
-Up to 8GB micro SD.
-If dropped from 20 ft, phone asks if "you're ok", if no response then it will send a distress call to the authorities.
-Up to 1.2 meters under water for 30 minutes.
-Its certified with "Military Specs".
-Stands heat up to 50 degrees C and down to -20 degrees C.
-Developed strong Gorilla Glass, ALMOST unbreakable.
-Battery talk time 12 hours+, standby time 23 days.
-Comes with 3 years UNCONDITIONAL warranty, ToughTech will assist you with procedures. You defect the device, Sonim replaces is (ships a new one) totally FREE !

The device costs 160KD. It comes with 3 year unconditional warranty. If you break it, Sonim replaces it.

To order call : (00965)-655-699-55
E-Mail :

It will be delivered to your doorstep !

Note: Calling them by saying that you saw the post from "" will reduce the cost of the device to 155KD.

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