Monday, December 27, 2010

Install "Advanced Task Killer" on Your Galaxy S Now !

Advanced Task Killer app for Android allows you to stop running background processes or apps in memory. The Android operating system can run multiple apps in memory concurrently and Advanced Task Killer will help you to kill these apps.

Why it's important ?
Well, I was having a problem with my Galaxy S which made my phone works very slow. It was very annoying and I almost .. "ALMOST" hit it as hard as I can in the wall !

Thank god I read some articles about people having the same problem with their Galaxy S and they fixed it by installing Advanced Task Killer. I did install the app in my phone and it became super fast and I'm very comfortable with it right now. ( Not going to hit it on the wall )

So if you have a Galaxy S I really recommend you to install this app since it's better than task manager app that comes with the phone.

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