Saturday, December 18, 2010

Call Of Duty Tournament

For Call Of Duty: Black Ops fans, don't miss the chance to join the exclusive tournament for the best COD players in Kuwait.

All the information you need regarding the tournament is provided below...

Tournament Date and Time:
Friday, December 24th
Registration closes at 5:30pm, be here at 5pm!!!

Tournament Rules:
-PS3 LAN Party mode.
-4vs4. No more, no less.
-Time Limit: 5 minutes
-Score Limit: 3000 points
-Friendly Fire: ON
-8 and below killstreaks ONLY. NO attack dogs, gunship, or huey!
-All weapons allowed.
-All perks with pro version allowed.
-2 classes per person ONLY.
-Map agreed on by both teams, if no agreement, map will randomly be chosen.
-1st round, Best of 1. Must win 1 round to advance.
-Semi Final and Finals, Best of 3. Must win 2 rounds to advance.

-1 KD entrance fee.
-5 KD per person to enter tournament (20 KD per team).

Maximum Tournament Entrants allowed: 8 Teams

-1st place 80%, 2nd place 20%
-For EXAMPLE: 8 teams join, total pot money is 160 KD, 1st place wins 128 KD (32kd each person wins), 2nd place wins 32 KD (8kd each person wins)

Due to limited resources, there will be a mix of HD and SD TVs between the two teams. I will use entrance fee to help buy new HD TVs, so the more people come the better the tournaments will be in the future!!!

This is the first tournament, and hopefully there will be many more. There will only be 8 teams playing this tournament, but in the future there will be more, and the prize money will be higher, so please invite your friends to come and watch!

This tournament is for fun. There is money on the line, and this is a good way to not only show your skill, but improve it.

I need 5 more PS3s. If you, or anyone you know, is willing to bring a PS3 to the tournament, the entrance fee will be free. The PS3 will be marked and taken care of, and you will get it back once the tournament is finished.

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