Monday, November 15, 2010

Review: SASO Restaurant

SASO is a fresh and funky restaurant specializing in a sumptuous variety of italian, Asian and American Cuisines. I've known SASO for a while but have never tried it until now. We were kindly invited to try out their food and reveal our honest opinions.
I loved the atmosphere of the restaurant. The outdoor seating area were really amazing with the wonderful weather and the ocean in front of you.

Let's go ahead and talk about what we had

[ Electric Ocean Blue - Mohito - Freshly Squeezed Lemon with mint ]

All our drinks were refreshing however, the Electric Ocean Blue was the absolute best!

[ Buffalo Lollipops - Southwest rolls - The Fire House Fries ]

My personal favorites for the starters were the chicken buffalo lollipop with a cool ranch dip, it was really sticky yet so delicious.

[ Crazy Maki - Dragon Maki - Phantom Maki - Special Beef Maki ]

We loved all the maki's they offered along with the special maki they made especially for us because one of our friends didn't like sea food.

[ Smoke House Slider - Torpedo Slider - Original Chicken Slider ]

I'm not a fan of sliders and didn't enjoy their burgers as much as I did with all their other dishes.

[ Chocolate Fondant - Groovy Pudding - Caramel Cheese Cake - Oreo Milkshake ]

Each of us loved their desserts, they were hot, fresh and delightful.

I would like to thank Ms. Anwar Marafi for her invitation to the lovely restaurant. We had a really awesome time and will definitely visit SASO again.

SASO is located in Free-zone Ocean Groove, Sharq and Abu Holifa

You can order by phone at 22476851 or online on

Click here for their official website
Click here for their Facebook page

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