Monday, November 22, 2010

Review: Express Wash

We were lucky enough to try the service provided by Express Wash. They are a home delivery car wash that targets dirty cars with many amazing services. My car hasn't been spoiled in a long time so this is a great opportunity to have my car super washed.

Express Wash has everything you would ever want for a clean car. This is a couple of pictures I took in action during their car wash.

I have to admit that they did an awesome job. They cleaned almost everything in the car which made it sparkling and dirt free. It took them 3 to 4 hours to shine my car from inside and out which is reasonable because they literally super washed it! The smell of the car is just wonderful and it now feels and looks spotless. All in all, I would certainly recommend them as a #1 car washing service.

What are their services?

QUICK WASH is a normal car exterior and interior wash
it costs 5 k.d for saloon, 6 k.d for 4*4 and 7 for limousine.

SUPER WASH is a detailing wash for each and every part of the car interior, exterior
it costs 20 k.d for saloon, 25 k.d for 4*4 and 30 for limousine

ULTRA WASH is the same as SUPER WASH with an extra full polishing of the car exterior
it costs 25 k.d for saloon, 30 k.d for 4*4 and 35 for limousine.

Call them now at: 66912323

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