Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Small to Big - London

We were invited to a press conference held at VIVA branch - Marina Mall with the association of Pink Coffee for Marketing and PR. VIVA announced the beginning of the second phase of the Small to Big project. The project is an extension of the huge success from last year, in which experts and specialists provided small businesses with technical support and informative resources to develop their businesses.
"An agreement was established to launch the second phase of the small to big project at King's College University in London, ranked 22nd among the most prestigious business administration universities in the world," said Omar Al-Houti, Corporate Communication Manager at VIVA Kuwait. " Presenting this opportunity through King's college university - London, VIVA kuwait guarantees the transparency of the project and ability to provide participants with an academic curriculum to establish successful and competitive projects for the international market" added Al-Houti.

Through Small to Big - London, VIVA kuwait is helping create an economically prosperous future for Kuwait, therefore playing an effective responsible role as a Kuwaiti telecommunication company to support and guide these projects to maintain a fulfilling performance in various sectors in kuwait.

We would like to thank them for the kind invitation and we wish them the best of luck.
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