Sunday, October 31, 2010

First Review : Samsung Galaxy S

Three days ago, Wataniya Telecom were so kind to us by giving away one of the latest and powerful devices in the market which is Samsung Galaxy S. The first thing that I noticed about the Galaxy S is the design, we can see how it's an exact copy of the iPhone, a little bit bigger in size but lighter in weight !

The most amazing thing about this device is that it has an Android 2.1 operating system and can be updated to 2.2 very soon. Also what really attracted me is the widgets, you can add as much as you like and they're easy to use and manage.

The screen is very smooth, user friendly and has a super AMOLED display compared to iPhone4 which has a Retina IPS (Learn more). I tried playing Angry Bird in both phones and it has a huge difference between the two, Galaxy S is better !

One of the biggest issues that we're facing in iPhones generally, is the battery life. Well, Galaxy S has almost double the time specially in the standby mode. It has a battery life of 576 hours, iPhone4 has only 300 hours !

The bad things about Galaxy S are a built-in camera without a flash and the overheat when using for long time.

Overall, Galaxy S and iPhone4 are like brothers from different mother. Both have almost same features and capabilities, but the question is what will happen if the Android 2.2 operating system released on Galaxy S ?

Wait for the second review.

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