Saturday, January 2, 2010

Al-Ameed Hospitality

When your searching for the best coffee you should aim at the highest quality products. That's why Al-Ameed has been a pioneer in it's field for more than 35 years.
After 35 years of success in the coffee roasting, Al-Ameed decided to launch "Al-Ameed Hospitality" a catering company which specialized in serving coffee in a very unique and artistic way.
Al-Ameed hospitality includes a wide variety of different kinds of drinks, traditional coffee, italian coffee, luxurious tea and ice blended drinks. They're prepared to cater any celebration anywhere in Kuwait.
They're aiming to serve you the drink with a unique taste, friendly service and an elegant appearance. With Al-Ameed Hospitality you are ensured a touch of elegance in your special occasions.
"Satisfy Your Needs At Al-Ameed"

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