Thursday, December 31, 2009

Viva Loves Kuwait Black Market !

Viva was very kind to our blog by giving away their USB modem along with their fastest internet service ( 21.1 Mbps ) for a one year contract for free. What really made me happy is not the gift, it was their astonishing and stunning staff ! .. I was invited to their main branch in front of the Scientific Center of Kuwait and I was treated like one of the family, now I have a brother called Bader and a sister called Hind. Also I met Mr.Najeeb Al-Awadi ( Viva's CEO ), he is the most amazing CEO I had ever met. You guys really made my day and it was an honor to meet each one of you.

About the USB modem and the internet speed, this device is the bomb ! .. I used to download movies and TV shows at a speed of 200 kb/s, now the speed is up to 600 kb/s which is very awesome !

Surfing the net is much smoother now thanks to the new USB modem and internet connection. All I can say is thank you very much Viva for everything, you made this year a very special one.

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