Friday, December 25, 2009

I *Heart* Caribou

What can I say ? .. This month is the best month ever, everyone is being so nice to me. First the BlackBerry Bold 2 from my very amazing friend, Viva's 50 KD extra credit and now I received a whole cheesecake from Caribou's "Cheesecake Factory" for free !

I was ordering from Caribou my everyday "Chocolate Cooler" with "Cookies & Cream" cheesecake, after the payment they asked me to write my name/number/home address so they can deliver a whole cheesecake to my house. I didn't understand the reason or why they choose me, but I wrote my information anyway. I was surprised when they arrived to my house, gave me the cheesecake with a big smile and waved for me while their car was moving away.

Thank you Mr. Amazing Friend, Viva and Caribou .. You've made my month one of the best months ever and it's a good way to end 2009 with.

To order a cheesecake call : 1841888

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