Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Win: Sushi KW Competition

Sushi KW would like to present a brand new competition at Kuwait Black Market. The competition is simple all you have to do is answer or guess the Advertisements brand. Whoever gets it right will have a chance to receive a main dish of a tasty and delicious Spicy Shrimp Maki with a fresh Spicy Edamame for your appetizers straight to your door steps. The competition will start today until the end of thursday and the following winner will receive his award by Friday or Saturday as he wish.
Rules: You have to email the answer to "" Any answers in the comments section will be removed.
the Ad's brand picture is below. I removed the brand logo and will present it with the picture when the competition is over. Just send an email with the brands name and you could be a winner!

Good luck to you all :)
Update: Competition Closed!

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