Saturday, November 14, 2009


Ken-Niz, a new Kuwaiti TV Show that will be broadcast soon and managed by two creative Kuwaitis, Shaikha Al-Sabah and Yousef Al-Mekhlid. The idea of the show is to have two teams, every team have 5 players and those two teams should search for a hidden treasure by solving riddles. One car will be provided for each team so they can drive around Kuwait to hunt down the treasure.

Me and Salem were invited for their first screening and we really loved the show. It was a 40 minutes episode but with all the fun and excitement we felt like it was only 5 minutes. To participate in this amazing show, visit Bait Lothan on 18th of November from 5pm to 9pm to attend the casting.

To Call them : 99 45 90 55
To visit their facebook group click here.

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