Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Review: The new iPod Nano

I just received my new iPod Nano from USA. I've tried the device and it's truly amazing with brilliant new cool features. It is the best iPod available yet. The capacity is 16GB and it only cost me 50 KD.
The sleek look with the beautiful and attractive color motivated me to get one. As soon as I found out about the features I have gone crazy. One of the main reasons that made me fell in love with the new Ipod Nano is that it has a built in FM radio with live pause (rewind and forward radio). You can listen to your music on speaker. Last but not least, the large screen with a clear video camera.

I let them add my initials on the back of my iPod. Something to make my iPod look more special.
The new iPod Nano rocks!


½ Cream Milk said...

nice shots ;D

Khalid said...

bel3afya 3aleek.
enjoy it!

Anonymous said...