Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This device is my new addiction. It has everything I ever needed and more. Let me tell you some of it's amazing features. One of the obvious features is that you can upload up to 1000 GB of videos, photos and audio data. You can plug the device to the receiver and record your favorite channels. It supports Arabic subtitles. It supports full DVD menu. It comes with a remote control. You can connect a HDMI wire and watch your movies on a 1080i High Definition.
p.s. HDMI wire cable is included in the box.

This device is a must have in each house. I bought 2 devices and I'm thinking of selling the other brand new one since 1 TB turned out to be more than enough for me. I will post about selling the device with a great deal very soon. Check back later with some great surprises :)


esz said...

Hi, This looks amazing. Can you please tell 2 things. Where did you buy it from & how much does it cost? I think im gonna be addicted to this thing soon :)


Az said...

i think i might be interested in buying it. tell me when u decide to sell ok.

Hamad The 5th said...

I have had one for more than 6 months and love it. There is one glitch though.

I have bough the Argosy model and it looks very similar to the one you have and later saw a friend who had the iomega model and reliazed that ...

if i lost the remote control on mine (very much like the one you have), it became just another 1 TB HDD. However, the iomega model has a panel very much like what you have on your VCR with play,rewind,fwd ... etc. so in case the remote is lost, you can still use it to play movies. Spare parts are hard to find.

Other than that, its been my favourite gadget and money well spent

esz said...

Still waiting for the price and location of the shop(might be hawali).

Thanks in advance.

Now, im sure that i want this baby to be connected with my Full HD screen.

Keith Abraham said...

Hi, You may want to check out the WDTV from Western Digital. This little device plays nearly all types of media and costs half the price (KD 29 - 30/-). The difference is that it does not have a hard disk, however it has two USB ports where you can plug in anything. The WDTV is Full HD - 1080 and has an HDMI output as well.
The reason I like this device is because I have multiple 1TB & 1.5TB drives with loads of media, hence I can just plug and play. Check it out at Alghanim or Carrefour. Cheers

Salem said...

esz - I bought it from a store in dubai mall, I actually don't remember how much it costed me but in Kuwait it's around 73 KD in jareer bookshop but it's sold out now.

Az - Alright :)

Hamad The 5th - I don't know about the Argosy and Iomega Models but you are right about the remote issue, that's why I attached something on the back of the remote and sticked it to the table because the remote is small and i don't want it to be lost.
Thanks for telling us about your gadget experiences ;)

Keith Abraham - WAW this is actually pretty nice, I have a lot of hard drives and the WDTV is a great thing to just attach the usb and watch your media by TV. Thanks man!

Esz said...

Thanks for the info guys. Maybe im asking alot of questions, sorry. But do you know a similar device that supports wifi? So it can be easier to transmit the files( less wires). And last question that i wish someone can help me with, how can i record something from the tv that was set to record at a certin time, or recording a show on the receiver plus watching another channel while recording.

Thanks alot in advance.


Salem said...

Esz - Concerning the WIFI, Imation Media HDD PRO has a built in WIFI in it. I don't know about any other devices.
Concerning your last questions, You can be able to record a channel with timing and at the same time watch another channel by buying specific kind of receiver that can be able to record. You can find them in hawally infront of dar alshafah hospital.
I hope I've helped you :)

esz said...


Thanks alot. You did help me.
I was trying to find this device on the official imation website, but i failed. I dont know why they dont have it there.
Still thinking where to investment my money in, this device or this -> ( )

But i guess they are 2 different devices.

Thanks for the tips man. love your blog ;)

Anonymous said...

Guys if you are hardcore movie lover or TV series buffs (downloaded version)then check out the TVIX series of players. Forget about those second tier names. I liked it so much I bought three. Though no resellers in Kuwait you have to check it out in the states. The TVIX is way more advanced than what is available here, though at a higher cost.....