Monday, October 19, 2009

New Parking Lot at GUST

We just received an email that contains an announcement about building a new parking lot at GUST. The project came after they faced many students complaining about the parking lot's size which can't handle the huge number of students. As it's written in the paper above, the new parking lot will be finish at the end of the semester with a capacity of over 800 cars.

The bad thing about this project that they'll use the soccer field as a space to park, here are some pictures of the problem we're facing.

Thanks Az and Hamad


Khalid said...

ee wallah zain ysawoon!
wainhom min zman ;S

iNoor said...

توهم يستوعبون؟ زين والله

P.S check this: Techno Town

Shushu said...

GUst kil shway they improve the building w the facilities w madry shno..
bas a7na our school is from the 50s w moo ra'6een y3adloonha..
and when they actually do,, bas y5arboonha..
w plus the GUst agendas 3ajeeeebeen.. I love the stickers at the end..!!
I wish they would give some ideas to our boring school!

Anonymous said...

@ inoor \the link you provided is it true or is it just an idea ?

iNoor said...


To be honest I have no idea, but what I know is that this whole bara7a belongs to GUST and they're gonna have new buildings.. o once Dr. Cook (GUST's vice president) told me that the new programs (including Engineering) won't be offered until the new phase is established :$