Tuesday, October 13, 2009

KDD Even More Cheap

KDD used to cost 900 fils for the 6 packs, then they dropped the price to 695 fils for every 6 packs last year. Now they cost 600 fils, which is exactly 100 fils for each pack .. This is really good.

Maybe after one more year it may drop to 500 fils for the 6 packs ?!


Shushu said...

maybe 6aye7 b chabdhum :P
bas 9ij moo wayed nas gam yishtiroon KDD bl fatra il a5eera..
bas I still prefer their cocktail :P
w since I can't stop myself from correcting a grammar mistake :P
** ma yjooz tgool "more cheaper" :P:P

My Books and Me said...

طبعا هذا للعصير بس
مو الحليب

الحليب سالفة ثانيه... عدل؟

Mohammed said...

Shushu .. lool el'9aher chethi :p
e7m sorry ketabta 3al sree3 I didn't do the grammar check :p

My Books and Me .. laaa atwaqa3 el athnain bs coz ana ma chayakt 3al 7leeb knt mesta3yel ( elyoom kella knt mesta3yel :p )