Friday, October 9, 2009

I Bought The New BlackBerry Curve 8520 !

I know it's strange, since I'm an iPhone addict, but I bought this BlackBerry for my small sister not for me. Anyway, I tried the new BB and I liked the new trackpad navigation which is better for me than the old trackball .. Maybe because I'm used to touch screens ?

Also the size is kinda perfect, it fits exactly on your hand. The bad things about this BB are the quality of it's camera and it opens limited video and audio format not like the Curve 8900.

Oh, and did this made me change my mind about the iPhone ? .. Naaaaaah :p


Anonymous said...

You'll change your mind.. I know because you've already got the BB bug symptoms.

PLEASE be strong =/

Mohammed said...

loool I know that I'll buy one soon, but still iPhone is the best phone ever and I won't get rid of it.