Thursday, October 22, 2009

The First in the World .. I'm Lovin it !

Mcdonalds opened their first restaurant in the world for the handicapped on the 19th of this month in Sharq Co-op during their 15th anniversary celebration.

Shaikha Fereeha AlAhmad AlJaber AlSabah attended the celebration, also noticed the guy with the soft heart "Sha'abolla". It's a real pleasure to see such thing happens in Kuwait, specially when this occasion is the first of its kind in the world.

God bless their souls.


'B' & 'D' said...

Aawwhh!! this is wonderful!! how thoughtful..i am loving it too :)

Shushu said...

That's awesome..
i would love to see q8 full of these things!
allah ya36eehum il 3afya :)

MRM said...

eee wallla 5nigatny el3ebra :):)

TargetSnipers said...

aaawww how thoughtful of them .. maygasron wala !

love ;** said...

wow that really is amazing news, inshalah Kuwait takes further steps like this !

Raven said...

Isn't the idea not to treat handicapped people so differently?

I can understand parking spaces and special bathrooms as means of comfort and accessibility... but to me this seems like an effort to discriminate if not isolate handicapped people.

Think about it in the long-run... if we don't allow them to be part of where we are, we're never going to interact with them, and if we never interact with them... we're not going to know how to interact with people that are handicapped...

Before you bash me by saying "I was raised well, I know how to interact with people, handicapped or not", I get it, but think of tomorrow, our kids and their kids... They'll never learn if they never experience it!

If this new McDonalds is OK, then tomorrow more things will be OK... until those lines that separate the OK from the NOT OK are so blurry, we wont be able to tell the difference.

My (opinion), is that this is NOT OK. The idea is to get people with handicaps involved, and for us to be involved with them, not to isolate them further by offering them a cheeseburger.

A little mind game you might wanna try to determine how wrong/right I really am:

If this "McDonald's for the handicapped" is such a great thing, ask yourself, would you go and eat there regularly whenever you're hungry for a BigMac?

If you're answer is NO, it's because the logic in your head states: It's for handicapped people, and I'm not handicapped... so why would I wanna go there?
[Which by the way, is very normal and natural logic]

If your answer is YES, then at the very least try physically proving it to yourself by going there... and when you do, you would have proven me wrong.

Now, assuming that you really have proven me wrong (and that you haven't done it for the sole purpose of proving me wrong), try and get the rest of Kuwait to be like you. When that really happens, then yes, this Handicap McDonald's really is a great thing.

Otherwise... Yeah.

I hope you guys can understand this pseudo-analysis that comes with only the best of intentions. I do not mean any individual (handicapped or not) any form of offense.

Sorry for the long comment, great blog you have here Mohammed!

Mohammed said...

Raven .. We do care about the handicapped and treat them as they're one of us, even by opening a whole restaurant just for them. If you really think about it very well, then you should know that some of the handicapped need a special care. Because of that, this restaurant have low removable tables and chairs, large hallways, elevator and bathrooms with bars so they can grab them.

We don't split between the handicapped and us, we are all the same. Imagine that you have a kid and someone told you to throw him in the sea so he can count on him self and be like the other kids .. would you do it ?

Thats why building a restaurant for them is good, they can count on themselves and they will be more comfortable.

Its like when you say don't let him set on a wheel chair, we should take the wheel chair from him so he doesn't feel that he's different.

He needs the wheel chair as much as he needs the restaurant.

One more thing .. if I want to buy from Mcdonalds and I pass by this restaurant I will enter and order form it for sure :)

Thanks Raven

½ Cream Milk said...

mashallah 3lihom .. ya36ehom el3afya o eb mezan 7asanat'hom !