Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Careers Fair 09

Back from "Careers Fair 09". It's in Kuwait International Fairgrounds, Mishref. I was searching for a part time job, I thought that the place would be crowded, fortunately it wasn't. There were like 15 companies and only 5 or 6 that have a part time job.

Tomorrow is the last day, so hurry up.


Shushu said...

That's really exciting!!
I wish I had time for a part-time job!!
Do you know if they do this thing another time? like in the summer or something?!
w a9lan fee ashya2 7ilwa? yan3y interesting jobs wala la2?!
Thnx 4 the post!

Mohammed said...

Wallah donno if they will do this job fair again, but I'm sure that our university will made a job fair soon after the elections.

o eb 9ra7a yeah feeh like "Gulf Bank - Burgan Bank - Boubyan Bank - AlGhanem Industries - AlShayaa - Viva .. and more"

You're more than welcome Shushu ;)

My Books and Me said...

Good luck finding a part-time job dear!