Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Scientific Center of Kuwait Reached 5 Million visitors

Scientific Center of Kuwait reached their 5th million visitor. As the ticket was sold, lights and music announced the special occasion. Mrs. Sana'a won two 1st Class round trip tickets to Sharm El Sheikh, courtesy of Wataniya Airlines, and two nights stay in the Sheraton Sharm Hotel, Resort, Villas & Spa., courtesy of Sheraton Hotels (Kuwait and Sharm El Sheikh). Mrs. Sana'a also received a 1 year free membership to The Scientific Center's Riksa Club.

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360 said...

I always go there and never get a thing ;(

Mohammed said...

You, and 5 million visitors including me :p

Anonymous said...

ودي أروح له خبري فيه قبل 3 سنين مادري 4 سنين مادري 5 سنين

خصوصا السفينة اللي بره صج شكلها يخرع بس ذكريات حلوه