Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dubai dislikes Flickr

I am finally back to Kuwait from a wonderful stay at Dubai.
While my brother HKR was trying to access Flickr surprisingly it turned out that it is blocked in Dubai. Yes, blocking Flickr was unnecessary so let us stop complaining about Kuwait's censorship shall we? ;p
What I loved about their website blocking is the displayed censorship which contained one of Freej's characters with bright colors unlike Kuwait's blocking which looks very unpleasing.

Yallaah Belsitir ;)


Anonymous said...

LOL, nice :)

بلوق حصيصه عمتي said...

من زماااان مصكرين الفلكر بالامارات

كل شي بلوك اهناك ههههه

aziz said...

we cant complain about Kuwait censorship because there are plans to implement same internet censorship regulations all over the GCC countries.

So what is now blocked in Dubai will soon be blocked in Kuwait. Remember that not all blocking is implemented based on reasonable stuff. Kuwait started blocking porno, now they ended up blocking everything 'they' dont like starting from blogs and ending to movies, music, and arts sites.

Its even worse in Saudi Arabia and UAE... and once we get their filtration... it will be hell for us.

By the way,... this is not a guess or a myth of something that might or might not happen. it is a FACT and only a matter of time. Qualitynet, FastTelco, and other companies already updated their filteration system couple of years ago to match the one used in UAE.