Friday, September 11, 2009

The Best Off-Road Car in The World !

"Bowler Wild Cat" is an off-road car made by Land Rover, or we can say a super car. This super car is like an off-road Ferrari, the engine is a 5-litre half TVR and half Range Rover V8. It goes from 0-100 kph in only 4.8 sec, which is faster than an Aston Martin DB7 !

I'm in-love with this car, though it's not so pretty .. But who cares if it's the best off-road car in the world and the fastest !

To watch "Top Gear" trying it click here.


Momentum said...

اللي إهنيه محد راح يشتريها إلا لمن يعدلون خشتها الاند روفر


كلش شكلها مو حلو

تذكرني بجيب فوجي مادري شسمه اللي جنه أتش 3

Mohammed said...

fee t9meemain 7q hal syara wa7ed esma bowler elly ana 7a6 9orta now o fee Nemesis 5esheta nfs el range rover.

hathee 9orta :

o hathee thanya :

Momentum said...

مو عاجبني

لازم يعفسون في خشته شنو هالتصميم الدايخ

Mohammed said...

lol it's not beauty contest :p .. elt9meem msaweena to handle everything the car may face in the desert.

3lshan chethi mako t9meem :p

Momentum said...


الجمال جمال الروح

يعني إذا المحرك زين مو مهم إنه الخشه تطلع زينه

بس همن الرينج كله خرابات


Mohammed said...

qrait awal klamej qelt "ooo5 awal marra she agree !"

bs b3dain qelt "oh, thats Momentum" :p