Sunday, August 30, 2009

Caution: Check Food Supplies Expiry Dates

Lately I've been seeing these billboards near Mishref from the Municipality of Kuwait which say "Caution: Check Food Supplies Expiry Dates before buying transaction".
Shouldn't they be taking care of these things by themselves ? I guess they are probably taking a supply checking break during ramadan.

I also captured a picture of this billboard which warns you from the dairies! They want us to stay away from people who sell dairies from the streets.


Anonymous said...

I always check the expiry date when I buy from Sultan Center.
Cause I bought a ketchup once in 2006 and when I got home the maid told me that it's expired!! after that, I always check before I buy.

Choco Loco said...

iff 9ij malhom 5ilg isawoon shay ;p 7a6eeen 3omal 7ag zeena bess loool! yeah i alwayz check the expiry date cuz marra lagait shay that expired 3 months ago :o

Anonymous said...

ee i agree malhom 5ilg isawoon shay ;p...agool zayn minhom kalifow 3omerhom oo 7a6ow these signs to worn us ;p!

hala said...

there actually are ppl who sell milk on the streets?!!

Salem said...

hala - yeah I think so, they are called street Hawkers, 3indihom amaken bs ybee3on feha libin