Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Terminator Salvation

We will be the first to watch this incredible movie here in Kuwait. Terminator Salvation will be released today at 11pm for public, but our university managed to reserve 350 seats free for their students and the show will be at 07:30pm at the Avenues which is before the public release.

Wait for our rate, and I think it won't be less than 9/10.

Update : It wasn't what I thought it would be. My rate is 6.8/10 not even close to 9, but what really amused me is the graphic and camera movement.


Anonymous said...

Will be waiting :D

Aliman said...

Any Chance of getting tickets for tonight??

Mohammed said...

Demolii .. I didn't like it that much.

Aliman .. Check out Cinescape site :

Salem said...

I would like to Thank GUST's [1962] for their invitation, Good job and Keep up the good work.

Concerning the movie, the previous terminator movies were A LOT better than this one. I did not like the acting, I felt like Christian bale still thinks he's batman!

I would rate the movie 5.9/10

Anonymous said...


ويييه ويييه طلع الفيلم مو حلو!؟
بييه مو شي

أحلى جزء الأول والثاني
بعدين لمن دشت Claire Danes
عاد أهنيه أنا فقدت أحترامي حق آرنولد

ماكو فايدة في أفلام حلاتها بس جزئين أو ثلاثة بالكثير و ينهونهم بأحترامهم و كرامتهم

نفس Child's Play
صار فيلم تجاري و مسخره لو بس تامين على أول جزئين جان صارو أسطورة

Mohammed said...

eee wallah the best parts were 1st and 2nd, the only movie that have many parts yet still amazing is SAW. God I love this movie !

Anonymous said...

في جزء اللي IV
مادري VI

ما أعرف أيهو أنا هالأرقام الرومانية ما أعرف أقراها

اللي يموت و تطلع مسجلة حق كل الناس إنه يقول أنا مت بس ما أنتهت السالفة, يعني شنو و منو اللي قاعد يتحكم في كل شي بما إنه أهوا ميت؟

Mohammed said...

loool el arqam el yonaneya .. V y3ny 5amsa, etha el (I) qabel el V y3ny tnaq9een mn el 5amsa wa7d o etha b3dha tzeedenha wa7ed.

y3ny VII = 7 .. VI = 6 .. IV = 4

allah ysalmej elmal3oon m5a6e6 7q kel shay qabel la ymoot o mwaze3 kel el tricks o eltapes mn ysha'3el ay wa7ed feehom eltape the game begin.

wallah very great movie.

Some Kuwaitiya said...

eb9ara7a y3ny etha bshoof el movie bs 3ashan el actors hehehe ;p

CrazyCatQ8 said...

ya3nee arooo7 wela maroooo7 ????

Mohammed said...

Some Kuwaitiya .. ;p

CrazyCatQ8 .. it's nice, but not the way we all expected.