Friday, May 15, 2009

The New Corvette Stingray Concept

Or can I say the new Batmobile. This car is amazing and I'm waiting to know what kind of engine will be under the hood.


Anonymous said...

بتكسر راس اللومبرجيني

وايد شكلها حلو و احلى من الموديلات اللي قبل

Mohammed said...

3ad ana '3ramy el corvette ;p

Anonymous said...

تصدق أنا راح بالي على تصميم الموستينج


صح الكورفيت الموديلات اللي قبل شكلهم اوكي بس الموستينج جريمه

Mohammed said...

kel elsyayeer el qeddam mo 9ij a9lan .. 3ndej el challenger - camaro ss - stingray - mustang - fire bird and more.

now most of the cars are trying to get those designs back to life.

Some Kuwaitiya said...

niiiiiiice design, sleek & killer .. bs i think ena it won't look that good in other colors, 7alata bs 3ala el silver w el black

Mohammed said...

noooo many colors will suit the car.

Silver - Off White - Black - Smoke Silver - Red - Yellow :D