Monday, May 4, 2009

NBK Member

Finally, I became one of NBK's newest member after hearing that the bank has ( an islamic account ), so there are no interest funds. Now I have two accounts, Kuwait Finance House and National Bank of Kuwait.

According to Global Finance Magazine, NBK is one of the top 50 safest banks in the world in 2009.
Update : The post has been updated.


AIC said...

Huh...when did the bank become Islamic

Never heard about this before

Some Kuwaitiya said...

Yea ! Me neither, but 5oosh walla ybeela en7awil mn el KFH

Mohammed said...

I was surprised too ! .. I talked to one of their employee's and he told me that after buying 40% from Boubyan bank they became Islamic. As soon as I heared him saying Islamic I told him open an account NOW :p

AIC said...

well....obviously he was lying to you...cuz its still a conventional bank (rabawy)!

and buying an Islamic bank doesn't make it Islamic...and btw they didn't even buy the 40% of Boubyan yet.

3ad int ma 9adagt 5abar loool :)

Mohammed said...

No he told me that there are different accounts, the one I took is islamic without interest funds ( bdoon fwa2ed ). There are other accounts provides this interest funds.

because I asked the employee in our University's job fair and another one in their branch while taking my bank card.

The idea is that they want to satisfy everyone which is a good thing.

And lets say if they're lying to me, I will cancel my account for sure.

Mohammed said...

Here are two sites that approves what I'm saying :

There are two kind of accounts with or without interest funds.

AIC said...

La I believe you

I just thought that this guy told you that the bank became Islamic,

the thing is that the account you just opened is a non-interest bearing account which makes the account itself not (rabawy)....but the bank is still non-islamic

Mohammed said...

zain ashwa aham shay enna my account is not "rbawy" :p

oh and sorry .. Welcome to the blog our new friend =)

AIC said...

I still think you'll be dealing with a non-islamic bank, which will make non-islamic profits by lending your money, which am against

I just found this about accounts without interest

thanks for your welcome, I have been a silent reader but I like financial stuff :)

Mohammed said...

bs shensawee etha our "islamic bank" mo qa3ed ynazel lena flosna eb wqt-ha .. sometimes we wait one month, sometimes two or three.

this is my main reason of choosing NBK. All my friends that have NBK account got their money in time, but we didn't.

I'm 100% with you AIC, I hate elbnook elrebaweya. I'll try to switch a5alee flosy tanzel 3al wa6ani o awal ma tanzel as7bha o a76ha bel tamweel.

Now I'm in Islamic bank and I have my money in time. ;)

Some Kuwaitiya said...

Mohammed, don't forget the frequent times that their K-Nets and Credit Cards don't work ! Which happened ALOT during the past month

Mohammed said...

yeaaaa and that too !

Anonymous said...

انا اخوي لما كان بنيس كان بيسحب و قالوله ماكو لول .. انت سحبت فلوسك الريدي .. قال شنو الحل الحين ؟ قالوله راجعنا بعد 45 يوم .. لووول !!

واو صراحه يعني مسافر ومايحصل فلوسه

وايد قاعده تصير الحركه .. آخر مره صارت حق رفيجي بدبي ..

شي يلوع الجبد صراحه ..

بس الحين مافهمت محمد .. يعني قصدك الحساب بس اسلامي ؟ والبنك ليلحين ربوي ؟

Mohammed said...

eee 7adda ybe6 elchabd o kella u have to wait !

No elbank still rebawy bs they have created two kinds of accounts with and without interest funds. elly bdoon el interest funds hatha 7sab islami ama elly m3a hatha 7sab rebawy.

Anonymous said...

Kuwait Finance House

تحس الرصيد ينقص بدون سبب؟
سمعت جذي يهببون بالعملاء و همن لمن تسوي وديعة قالو ماكو فايدة يقولون لك أنت سحبتها و انت اصلن ما سويت شي بالحساب

لأ و يعطونك كشف حساب بعد

و سالفة الوطني.. حجي فاضي. حتى لو رصيد إسلامي أصلن الفلوس اللي كلها تختلط مع بعض تكون بحسابات ثانيه و كلها ربويه يعني كل شي يختلط مع بعض

أنا أقول أهم شي الواحد نيته لأنه حتى البنوك الاسلاميه ربويه أصلن

Mohammed said...

bait eltamweel fee shahar lee yoomej hatha ma 36oony flosa !

knt an6er o qelt ymkn ynazloona m3a elshahar elly warah bs still ma nazlooh !

ama 3an elwadee3a awal marra asm3 feeha eb 9ra7a

o 3la qoltej aham shay el neya