Friday, April 17, 2009

Siege on Abu Ramya's House

Yesterday, Abu Ramya's house was in security presence on the control of security forces, he turned himself voluntarily and went to the prosecutor by his own car.

In front of the house and the presence of a number of candidates from the tribe Mutair, where Hussein Mazyad said that what security forces did was a manner that does not, however, apply only in the police countries .. What is the crime of Abu Ramya that makes him five-hours on siege? This is an outlet to the Minister of the Interior".

Also Public Prosecutor requested a warrant to the municipal council member, Khalifa Al-Khrafi and the former Deputy Mohammed Al-Saqer, but the latter insisted that he didn't recieve anything and if they want him he'll be there.

Don't forget that Al-Tahous is still in custody for investigation.


Some Kuwaitiya said...

Zain ysawoon, nas ma tste7ee eb9ar7a !

Mohammed said...

elmshkla y6boon bel nas o a5er shay yqoloon lej nbee 7oreyt elra2ee e7na dawla demoqra6eya !

Anonymous said...

ويهه كان حده horsey

بالجريده و اهوا مبطل حلجه.. شفت هاللقطه؟ شنو تتوقع منه بالله

و اهم شي لمن راكب سيارته البي ام البيضه و الضحكه شقاقيه

Mohammed said...

lol .. chenna '9amen enna be6al3oona :p

CrazyCatQ8 said...

mo gelnalkom sa3ad zaghlool aal eeh ??? MAFEESH FAYDAAAAAAA :P

hatha seefoh o hathy khalajeena

Mohammed said...

lol ee wallah :p