Friday, April 3, 2009

Kuwait International Tennis Complex

A stadium covered with a mobile dome that can fit for more than 6000 spectators. In addition to an expanded field for more than 2500 spectators with 10 outdoor courts and 8 indoor courts. All this will be attached to hotel, health club, tennis academy and parking lots.

The project will be somewhere near "360 mall" and it will take at least one year and half.


Some Kuwaitiya said...

allah eyanin el mokaaan !!
edesign is so nice eb9ara7a .. I'm guessing it will be in front of Sahara cuz the empty place there is huge mashalla ..

bs finally they considered something else aside from football :D

Mohammed said...

yemkn coz I hadn't go there yet :D

o ee wallah a9lan kel hal tarkeez 3la elkora o mo fal7een zain ysawoon yettajhon 7q rya'9a thanya

MR said...

awal mra asm3 feeh !! meta a8raw almshroo3 ?:S

Mohammed said...

wallah ma adree .. but from my source, they start building the project.

Anonymous said...

أييي أيي نبي مشاريع وأماكن نقدر نروح لها ونلعب فيها


يصير ندش أحنا ولا بس ال Pro? :P

Mohammed said...

lol ee wallah :p

eee y9eer coz they will open a tennis academy where you can learn to be a pro, also the outdoor and indoor courts are for rental by hours.