Sunday, April 12, 2009

High Quality Incipio Blackberry Covers

High quality Incipio Blackberry covers for Bold and 8900, each cover will cost you 15 KD. To contact and order : 99991301
Update : You can find them cheaper at Muneera Complex in front of Marina Mall, Salmiya.
Thanks BLaSha


Anonymous said...

البلاك بيري الحين بجم صار سعره؟
ودي اشتري بس مادري شالفرق بينهم شكثرهم اهما

Mohammed said...

ehma 3 anwa3 the best y3ny ( Bold - Curve - Storm ) ama elbajee 3adeyeen.

as3arhom eb Electrozan :

Bold - 193 KD
Curve - 187 KD
Storm - still ma nezal

If you want to know the difference enter this site :

or visit their main website :

BLaSha said...

u can find them much cheaper in Munera Complex, in front of the Marina mall.... they have the storm and the flip too :)

and 15 KD a cover is a RIP OFF! lol

Anonymous said...


أحسهم وايد over-rated
مادري ليش

إنت شرايك فيهم؟



Thanx sweetie =*

CrazyCatQ8 said...

15 kd !!!!!!!!
i just got 3 with one sticker ma6la3aw 3alay 11KD from amazon !!!!!

7adda rip offfffffff

Some Kuwaitiya said...

Well I don't know about the pricing, but they look nice.

Mohammed said...

Blasha .. I don't know the prices, and yes 15 KD is too much for a cover. Thanks for the info ;D

Momentum .. wallah madry shaqollej ana 3ndee a6lbhom mn e-bay or amazon wayed ar59 o better :p

CrazyCatQ8 .. then 7adda rip off ;\

SomeKuwaitiya .. yes they are, I liked the colors :D

Anonymous said...

يمكن حاسب فلوس الشحن اللي خذو عليه؟ مو تدرون أراميكس بواقين :P

Mohammed said...

lol wallah madry :p

I'll check out muneera complex o a6ale3 as3arhom.

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