Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fanadia : I Love You on a Leaf

It is an Exclusive Gift for the Expression of Love.
It is a Unique natural plant carrying "I LOVE YOU" on its leaf as shown in pictures.
Imagine you are seeing a natural plant growing up and written in its leaf "I LOVE YOU".

10 KD only

99774389 - 55774399


Anonymous said...

zain u find this weird :P they know Q8 is not a good place to sell sentimental items :P

CrazyCatQ8 said...

I do agree with ilsul6ana ..o wedy atheef ...

mako shay isma LOVE kila kharabeee6o ma7ad kafow :P

o faragha ajabel nabta hehehehehhe ajabel el Wii ma3a guitar hero abrakley :P

Mohammed said...

yes, I was like .. are they for real ?
7asesony enna qa3deen eb europe were you can plant anything because of the great weather.

mo e7na marra '3bar o marra yekfa5na hawa b3dain mo6ar y6aye7 el'3bar 3qbha '3rqa o a5er shay yqlb eljaw 180 daraja o y9eer 7ar o r6oba.

Anonymous said...

لو أنا أييب له هذي بيكسرها على راسي

يقولي هدية حب, يايبت لي زرعة من المشاتل؟

ألعن بو دارك ما شفت الورقة اللي فوق مكتوب فيها I love You

(راضية تنكسر فوق راسي بس خل نلقى اللي يكسرها فوق راسي قبل)

Some Kuwaitiya said...

well it may be a sweet gesture for non-arabs, but for us it doesnt work.

looool 9a7 kalamik, eljaw mashalla so cool, fa ma ra7 tgdar eta7amal el coolness malta ;Pp

CrazyCatQ8 said...

Momentum take it from me dear :P no one is worth doing that to u ;)

7ita ewrega em3afesa mo kafow a7thef-ha 3ala a7ad LOOOOOOOL mo azra3-ha ba3ad hahaha

Anonymous said...


Mohammed said...

badda3taw :p