Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Angels & Demons

I'm kind of addict to Tom Hanks' movies specially those like the "Di Vinci Code". Sony Pictures proudley presents his new upcoming movie "Angels & Demons", it will be release on 15 May 2009. From the trailer I think this movie will be one of the best for this year.

Can't wait to see it.

Update : May 15th is the day of the World Premiere, but May 14th will be the day of Kuwait's Premiere of the movie.

Thanks SomeKuwaitiya for the update


Some Kuwaitiya said...

I LOOOOVEEE this story, absolutely BRILLIANT !
And I have some news for you :D
May 15th, the day of the World Premiere, will also be the day of Kuwait's Premiere of the film :D:D

Mohammed said...

That's really COOL !!!!

yallah meta y9eer 15 of May :p

Some Kuwaitiya said...

I'm soooo beyond excited !
If I can book a ticket from today, I would do it hehehe :p

Mohammed said...

lol you can say that twice :p

Some Kuwaitiya said...

Mmmm actually, Kuwait will premiere it at the 14th of May, not the 15th, according to their website :D

Anonymous said...

شكله حلو

معني أكره السينما كره اليهد
بس شكلي بروح حق هالفيلم

Mohammed said...

SomeKuwaitiya .. 3addalna el update :p

Momentum .. ee la y6oofej ana a7b chethi methel al'3az o ma tefhmeen elstory ella a5er shay :D

Zuno said...

Sooo want to see this! btw, luvin' your blog mashala!
be sure to check out mine :)

Mohammed said...

Thank you very much Zuno, and wow ! your blog is pretty cool too :)