Thursday, April 30, 2009

Alcohol in Sultan Center

Of course everybody knows that Sultan Center is from a Kuwaiti production, well I found it in Beirut and I was excited to see it. While I was touring around in Sultan Center I accidentally saw hundreds of Alcohol bottles. I was really shocked because Sultan Center is owned by a Kuwaiti person.
I was really sad to know that Sultan Center sells prohibited things outside Kuwait.


Anonymous said...

أهوا زين فك عمره من قضية الإختلاس اللي مادري جم مليون بالجرالد إنفضح عشان يضيق خلقك إنت يبيع خمور في مركز سلطان بيروت

واحد جذي توقع منه كل شي

أصلن أنا ما أواطن مركز سلطان غالي على الفاضي و كلش ما يعجبني

Anonymous said...

* بالجرايد

Anonymous said...

خالد سلطان العيسى ممثل التيار السلفي بالكويت وصاحب شركه مركز سلطان وعد ناخبيه قبل فتره ان الخمور جميعها راح تنشال من مركز سلطان بيروت

طبعا هذه دعايه عشان يفوز بالانتخابات

Mohammed said...

Khaled el Sultan 9arra7 o qal enna ehwa 3enda shares eb markaz sultan beirut ma yamleka kella o el owner elly qabla ehwa elly kan yayeb hal be'9a3a 7eta fee tkrmoon la7am 5anzeer, o hal b'9a3a hathee arba7ha kelha ra7 tkoon 7q el woner elqdeem l2enha b'9a3a qdeema qabel la y9eer Khaled el Sultan wa7ed mn el edara elyedeeda .. fa meta ma entahat hal b'9a3a ( malat el owner elqdeem ) bsheelonha o mara7 y76oon hal swalef again o Khaled el Sultan mala ay rb7 mn hal b'9a3a.

hatha klam Khaled el Sultan eb nfsa eb a7d eldwaween.

Anonymous said...

عاد غريبه اهني بالاردن ما اذكر شفت مركزسلطان يبيع خمور ..

على الله يكون صاج و الارباح كلها لشريكه

Mitchell El-Haddad said...

Sad to see that TSC is selling prohibited items in Kuwait respecting Kuwaiti law and customs is one thing but enforcing that in a country where it is not prohibited is totally another. It is all about choice; you do not want to buy alcohol then don't! If you feel tempted and can't help yourself then you have a problem with control and discipline.

A rumor was spread about TSC that really destroyed its credibility in Lebanon which is unfortunate, because I see TSC as a power house in the retail market.

Choice and respect of foreign customs is essential to good service and good sales.

Unfortunately TSC entered Lebanon with little market studies on how to maximize the market or even understanding the complex nature of the Lebanese consumer both Christian and Muslim.

I hope TSC will find continued success in Lebanon.