Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Cheesecake Factory in Caribou Coffee

One of the most delicious cheesecakes in the world are soon to be in Caribou Coffee. Before their official opening my brother's friend sent us a box of chocolate raspberry truffle.
Although I don't like raspberry the cheescake itself turned out to be really delicious.

Caribou Coffee will officially start selling their cheesecake factory products very soon. If anyone tries a certain cheesecake please tell us about it and give us your opinion.


Some Kuwaitiya said...

Excellent thinking, especially since Cheesecake Factory is soooo good !!

FhD said...

I have just started my diet :/
I guess i have to cancel it until i try this,
And yes i am that weak. :P

Salem said...

Some Kuwaitiya - yeah they did a pretty good idea bringing them.

FhD - lol try it and tell us what you think ;p

M&M's said...

Thats amazing! cause this kind of cheesecake is really TASTY! I hope caribu brings also from cheesecake factory their oreo cheesecake cause they're REALLY GOOD I hope they'll open the rest soon in q8 ;D instead of having only the cake!

Mohammed said...

I tried the oreo cheesecake and it was SO DELICIOUS !!!

but I didn't like their prices ;s .. for one single cake you pay 1.950 KD, but what the hell its from Cheesecake Factory !

M&M's .. they brought : Strawberry creme - Oreo : Cookies and Cream - Chocolate Muse .. so far this is what I saw in our Caribou in GUST :D

M&M's said...

OH! really its only almost 2 KD its cheaper than here "US" they sell it almost 8$ bas really it worths every dime ;D

Mohammed said...

WOW !! I thought Kuwait is more expensive ;p