Monday, January 26, 2009

Marble Slab Creamery

Last week my brother told me that I had to go to a place called Marble Slab in Al-Kout .. He told me that they make ice cream in a unique/weird way. I had to try it out so the other night me and my bro went to Al-Kout . The place was small but well organized. We almost tasted every kind of ice cream before we have chosen one! What really disappointed me is that their caramel ice cream wasn't that good! Anyways I chose the praline ice cream.

When he took the 3 scoops he putted them all on the table and told me to choose some cracker flavours. They had a lot of flavours.

After choosing some crackers he mixed them up together real good.

A truly amazing ice cream. I really loved it and I recommend everyone to try it out.


Mohammed said...

I've tried this in Dubai it was amazing specialy when he start throwing the mixture in the air and above his partner o_O !
It was chocolate icecream with brownie and chocolate chips .. yummy ^_^

bent el deera said...

يم يم
انا جربته بالبحرين ودبي
ماكنت ادري انه موجود بالكويت
ثانكس على المعلومه
بس وين صاير مكانه بالضبط؟

Some Kuwaitiya said...

allah shakla yummy ..
wain mawjood ?

Salem said...

ur welcome..
Mawjood eb mojama3 AL-Kout yam markaz ilsul6an

DreamerGirl said...

My friend told me about this,and I was planning to get some especially on my b-day,but it slipped my mind.

Next time insha'allah^^.