Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cheering Kuwait in Muscat was a blast

I just came back from Muscat.. We did an awesome job in cheering kuwait against iraq.. The stadium was small not that big although it looked much bigger on TV .. I loved the mountains in Muscat, they were everywhere! and the Omanies were soo nice and kind.. If anyone missed the game it ended in a draw 1-1 .. But we are QUALIFIED which is awesome!


Amjad said...

Mabrook on qualifying to the semi-finals :) ..

This stadium is not the same one Kuwait played on in its previous two games. This is the other stadium, Royal Oman Police stadium, where teams of Group B played. Since Kuwait and Iraq are in Group A, they were playing on the bigger stadium, Sultan Qaboos stadium. But this time the organizing committee wanted to have the last two games of Group A to be played at the same time, so Oman and Bahrain played on Sultan Qaboos Stadium (the big one) while Kuwait and Iraq played on ROP stadium, the small one. But all semi-finals and the final will be played on the big stadium insha'allah.

Good luck to Kuwait.

Salem said...

Allah ybarik feek =D

Oh.. Thank you for the info Amjad, I really appreciate it