Thursday, November 6, 2008

My first day of Physical therapy

I didn't have enough time to post about my leg story.. Well, let's talk about it now.
I've been suffering from a knee injury from playing soccer.. I did an MRI "Raneen Ma'3na6eesy" to my leg and the results came 2 days ago! The results said that I'm suffering from "Tamazoq Bil-Arbi6a". the doctor said that you should do a knee surgery because with time your leg will be weaker and weaker.. He also said to take Physiotherapy "3elaj 6abee3y" everyday for a month. Inshallah the Physiotherapy will be my solution and that I don't have to do any surgery!
Today was my first day of Physiotherapy! He first putted ice on my knee and said that you should also do it when you return home. After that from what you can see above in the pic he electrified my knee! and at the end he putted 2 creams and wrapped my leg. He then gave me some exercises to do back home. What a day!