Sunday, October 19, 2008

PES 2009 wasn't as I expected it would be!

The most important game in the history of Kuwait has finally been released! 15 deaths and 9 injuries happend due to it's release! lol I'm just kidding. Let's be more serious here.. I've played the game and I wasn't impressed at all. The only good thing about the game is that they have released an official UEFA Champions League game! Let me sum the game to you by analizing and comparing it from the old PES 2008
1- Graphics is alittle better than the old one
2- Movement of the players aren't that good
3- Alot of players aren't transfered to their new teams "For example shevchenko is still in Chelsea"
4- Loading takes ALOT of time! not like the PES 2008 which was much faster.

That's what I've known from playing the game. If there's anything else I'll post it here.


Mohammed said...

Its totally a disappointment :\
Fifa 09 is way better than PES 09

Salem said...

I agree!