Monday, October 6, 2008

Over Prices !

I went to one of the sport stores here in Kuwait to buy Barcelona's new jersey . As usual I pick up my size to try it in the changing room and it simply fits me, but when I checked the price I was shocked !

Every year I buy a new jersey of my favorite team Barcelona however it cost normaly between 23 KD - 19 KD . Now the jersey cost 28 KD nearly a 30 KD !

Is it from the over prices that hit the Kuwaiti market ??? or its just me !


Will Webbyte said...

Well prepare yourself.

There is a world wide economic melt down going on and crude oil prices are going down.

The new wealthy nations will be those that can raise food in abundance and those that have access to drinkable water.

Ouch! Is that your wallet I hear screaming in pain.

Thank the people who made this mess. I sure would.

ChiefQ8 said...

u can have one with 23 kd from Go-sport at the avenus

Mohammed said...

the 28 KD that I saw was from Go-Sport :\

but in Athletic Foot they sell it in 23 KD which is reasonable .